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The Eolian Islands


Salina arises in the center of the Eolian archipelago, between Panarea and Lipari. It is about 26.8 km2 and the little villages of Santa Marina Salina , Malfa and Leni together have a population of about 3000 Inhabitants.
Tourists discover Salina or several reasons: its natural untamed beauties, the delicious typical Eolian food and wine and the rocky and black pebble beaches, where you can catch a tan and swim from  June to October.

Santa Marina; Lingua; Punta Scario; Pollara; Rinella and Pra Venice.

Monte Fossa delle felci ,962 meters above sea level 
Monte dei Porri (da Leni al Serro di Pollara)
Da Val di Chiesa a cima di monte Pollara



Where to sleep

I Cinque Balconi (The Five Balconies)


The Five Balconies hotel recalls the Lauricella’s and Lo Schiavo’s  houses.

The hotel is just few minutes from the port and the pebble beaches and  it is an ideal destination for those who wish to spend a holiday in complete relaxation . The rooms are fully air-conditioned and some feature balconies, from which you can admire the beautiful view for miles of Salina.
The style is typical Eolian and the hotel is very elegant for exclusive people . The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. The inside garden has flowers, lemon trees and  a mango tree. 

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