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Utilis - Unique pieces of arts



Shop & Showroom UTILIS
Piazza Palestro 12
95122 Catania
email: info@utilis.it
mobile: +39 3498066827


- Local Tourist Ambassadors 

A Local Tourist Ambassador is not a tourist guide, but a trustful reference with excellent knowledge of the local territory. He/She can speak your language and supports you with practical pieces of advice about what to do in Sicily.                  The Local Tourist Ambassador may drive your car to your destination, walking you wherever you want and even show you how to cook Sicilian food at his/her place.

Sicilian things to do:

-         -Lerning how to cook at Typical Sicilian Trattorias and Pasticcerias

-         -Making your own Sicilian pottery.

-         -Strawberies picking in Maletto (June/July)

-         --Grape picking in Belpasso and Castiglione di Sicilia (September)

-         -Chestnuts Picking on Mountain Etna (October)

-         -Olive picking Augusta bay (October/November)

-         -Capres picking in Salina (Eolian islands) + special accommodation offer

-         -Barbary figs picking in San Cono (August)

-         -Wine tasting in Castiglione di Sicilia

     -Pistacchios picking in Bronte (July, August and September)

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