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 Se avete feedback su come possiamo rendere il nostro sito più consono per favore contattaci e ci piacerebbe sentire da voi.

Margaret R. (Australia): "Guiseppe, what a lovely soul. This gentleman is truly respectful, fun and out to show all the wonders of bella Sicilia. Was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Guiseppe at his beach house, a crazy nite that showed me i'd found a well sound group in Catania. His travel experiences leave mine in the dust, but he's so willing to share stories and listen to others adventures. Looking forward to more adventures and more exploring of this gorgeous Island!!"

Anton K. (Ukraine): "I've investigated Italy already for 18 months and thought, I already know it well. But Giuseppe has opened up a completely new world for me. He's showed me how real life can be in this Mediterranean holy land of abundance and natural beauty, which is Sicily. His sincerity and attention are illuminatingly contagious. And he is the rare one of the kind, you don't need words to be understood". 

Luke B. (USA): "This was my first experience in Catania, and I must say, it could not have gone any better! Giuseppe was polite, respectful, and showed me a part of Sicilian culture that I never would have seen otherwise. He introduced me to his friends, local restaurants, and culturally significant locations that made the entire trip unforgettable. My 5 days in Catania were amazing, and I just hope that someday I can show him the generosity he showed me. I definitely recommend him as a host to anyone traveling through Sicily. Thanks for a great time, Giuseppe!"

Yevan G. (France): "Giuseppe hosted me both in Catania and in his summer house by the sea. He took me everywhere around, gave me good tips about Sicily, and even sent me to a friend of him to be hosted in Siracusa! We shared sicilian food and chatted a lot about life... He's a very warm and dedicated host, and Catania was a nice surprise, partly because of him"

Chris V. (USA): "After a few lonely nights in sleepy Siracusa, Giuseppe was a wild and welcome breath of fresh air in Catania. Great guy, great story-teller and great host. Showed me around the city for a long night, leaving me to kick myself in the pants for not writing sooner (and for not giving Catania another night). Great to meet him, however briefly, and looking forward to an encore - maybe on the streets of NYC".

Patt G. (Argentina): "We have an expression in Buenos Aires... Muy Buena Onda. His family also shone that smile and warmth that the re-energizing sun and sea wraps you in. I truly consider myself blessed. Great host. And THANK YOU!"

Anthony A. (USA): "In life you rarely meet someone like Giuseppe. What an amazing person.   I enjoyed each and every moment of my stay with him, and in Catania".

Thomas T. (Poland): "Giuseppe's dolce vita Sicilliana sounds like a script to a Fellini movie. He goes to swim at his private beach 400 meters from his elegant home in Catania, passing under the city's main station, to hike down rocks of lava where he also fishes tasty crustaceans to be later cooked by this master chef. He can point out the cities quirky architectural jewels, knows where to find the best horse-meat restaurant and planet worst Karaoke bar. He drinks wine on his roof terrace overlooking a volcano and seven abandoned chimney stacks. An amazing man living an amazing lifestyle".

Hailv Z. (China): Giuseppe hosted me for my last minutes call. yes, he care about the quality of request. He shared his working stories in Ningbo China, about the special food and the corruption life he can not accepted.
we even happened to catch one Beijing Opera in theato Bellini. of course it's difficult to him, even to me. but after all, you remember ??(Wo jiao, my name is ...),but not Wo Cao, which is a dirty word".

Melany S. (USA): "It's difficult to describe, but sometimes you meet people who transcend everything - a connection that is pure energy, and love, and light. Few words are needed, and you just see straight to the bottom of their soul, and they to yours. You see their hearts, and you know this is a lifelong friend, someone you were just supposed to meet, but someone you always knew. I cannot say enough good things about Guiseppe. His heart is there on his sleeve, and you can trust him blindly. You're in the hands of a intelligent, kind, sensitive, thoughtful and strong human being. He knows fabulous things about his city which make it special, and whether you meet for a day or a month, you will walk away a better person having known him". 

Dimitry C. (Russia): "Giuseppe is charming and attractive Italian guy with a positive energy that you feel immediately! Giuseppe is benevolent and insightful guy."

Marjia D. (Serbia): I just felt Giuseppe's energy instantly; his honesty, warmness, generosity and sensitivity. He feels this World, he feels people. He talks less than he really understands and sees reality, 
just making priorities and levels among bunch of things bombing us daily.
I felt him either like a child or a very old man and am sooo happy destiny crossed our roads".

Petyr O. (Bulgaria): "There is no word to describe how such good guy come in ur life kicking all the doors, boundaries and restraining and leave you in pleasant dreaming with a totally new look for the life. Thank you :)"

Eli 张 . (China): "On our first met in April 2011,he was like a spiritual guide to me, he taught me so many things and the talk he gave to me in the old town meant so much. Unexpectly, Peppe had to go back to Italy a few weeks later and never came back.
Six months later, I had my second European trip and, of course I came to visit him in Sicily. He brought me to Taormina, Volcano Etna, Siracusa and of course Catania. I have to say that i had the most amazing 2 days in my life there that i didn't even wanna leave. Words just cannot describe my feelings.
My flight from Catania to Roma was 2 hours delayed, in this case i could not catch my second flight to Budapest, Peppe immediately called his friends and found me a host in Roma, can't thank him enough for everything".

Rémi L. (France) : “Giuseppe is definitely the perfect host. Thanks to him I had some experience i will never forget.. He is the perfect cooker (oh my G...)He is very protective, very kind, very nice and full of positive energy. Hidden beach, the Etna, party on the beach... and meeting with wonderful people from everywhere... I just have to say that I hope you’ll have the privilege to meet him one day... thousand thanks for all !”.

Max H (England): “Giuseppe was such a welcoming guy, he looked after me and my daughter wonderfully, cooked for us and hosted us even though he had two other guests too. It's very kind to host a 7-year-old girl when you are hungover! Thanks Giuseppe, eating pasta with you on the balcony overlooking the city is a wonderful memory of Italy.”

Mustafa D. (Turkey): “Giuseppe is definitely a friend I will see more often.. In Amsterdam or Catania maybe somewhere else but we will meet again.. Thanks to him we saw the details of Catania which I will not forget.. And don’t get me started about his cooking.. NR1! We went to a beach party together and climbed the Etna.. To much to writ in one reference.. But I can guarantee you that giuseppe is golden guy. Thanks for everything my friend. mus and joost”

Jon o’ Miller (USA): “Giuseppe showed us a wild time. He is fun, easy-going, and very knowledgeable. He knows the city extremely well and navigated us through all the nooks and crannies. He took us to some awesome spots during the festa di sant'agata and it was a very unique and amazing party!! His place is comfortable and in a great location (next to the stazione centrale). I would definitely stay with him again and I recommend anybody else to do so”.

Calle C. (Sweden): "He got it! Guiseppe possess tremendous energy that have the ability to change the world and its people to the better. He is such a person that is kind of untouchable for evil spirits and he knows how to integrate in all different situation, mostly since he make his surrounding feel comfortable and free. I might never felt such a connection to somebody that I meet so relatively short, but you feel the "genuiness" of Guiseppe immediately and I considered him to be a very good friend. He inspired me in many ways and he helped me to live a life where I follow the direction pointed out by my heart.
Guiseppe knows how to and have the ability to live the life to the fullest; and he can improve your ability to do the same.
I could and would like to write some much more about Guiseppe, but words wouldn’t make a fair description anyway, but he is definitely one of the most amazing persons I ever meet!"

Patrick G. (Germany): "Giuseppe is a very smart, open-minded and good-hearted guy who really has a buoyant aura that makes you wanna jump in the air and scream out loud :I love my life - why nobody ever told me before?"

Kirill (Russia); "I feel stupid writing references like "He is a really nice guy". If you want to know Catania and Sicily- you might need to get in touch with him, you will see the example of sicilian hospitality! Thanks a lot, Giuseppe!

Ahlem C (France); "It's usually not my style to leave bad references but i've to go against the flow of good comments about Giuseppe. Indeed, he might be nice and welcoming and a fun person but this guy keeps green stuff in his freezer that he calls, i quote "my house special", supposedly a pesto sauce for pasta but considering the effetc it had on the guest that night(euphoria, silly smiles, sudden tendency of finding life more beautiful than it usually is) i wonder if it wasn't that cryptonic stuff Superman was hooked on. And, beware, to top it all, he keeps 2 and half liter bottles of coke in his fridge....you were warned, stay in his place at your own risk.

Gina M. (USA): "I have to say that one of my favorite experiences on my whole trip was enjoying a home cooked dinner on Giuseppes balcony, set to the backdrop of Etna and Band of Horses, with a group of amazing people. It seems like Giuseppe attracts wonderful things in his life because he is wonderful.
Giuseppe was SO awesome, helping me find out information about my distant relatives and letting me stay although he had other guests. Gieuseppe went above and beyond to make me comfortable and I hope I can repay the hospitality someday.
Thank you for everything, Giuseppe!!! See you again when I move there to teach English, heh. And you are, of course, always welcomed in California!"

Kiron J. (England): "I could go on forever! My stay with Giuseppe was extended from 2 nights to 5 because we were having such a great time. He drove me and a group of travellers to Taormina for the evening. An impeccable host, he even lent me hiking boots, shirt and a sweater to climb Mt Etna and has called me days afterwards to check I'm OK. I consider him a friend, I'd always host him and sincerely recommend anybody to stay at his place. He's highly trustworthy! He also speaks some of the most wonderfully articulate English. What a great experience". 

Sofia & Kristoffer (Sweden):" Guiseppe hosted me on my first night in Sicily on my trip in southern Italy looking for a place to settle down. He is really open minded, honest and a good listener. He managed to let me meet people that could give me unvaluable information and show me hidden treasures you could impossibly experience if it wasn't for him and his contacts"

Murilo P. (Brazil): "Giuseppe, my dear friend Giuseppe. He hosted me for thee days in Catania, and helped me in everything. When I was hungry, he gave me food - I could try the famous horse's meat from Catania in a nice restaurant. When I felt cold, he borrowed me hot clothes - and I could climb up the Volcano Etna and see snow for the first time. He borrowed me his big bed and slept in another small one, he showed me the city and told me some information about Etna and his fight against the Powerful Liotru (Elephant). Or about the ruins of the first Catania, or about one of the biggest religious party of the world, the Sant'Agata Party. He taught me how to appreciate good music, as the Band of Horses, songs that followed me during my travel, when I was on the bus or just walking by myself - "Marry Song" is my favorite song. Giuseppe didn't just host me at his house. He provided me a wonderful experience in Catania, and a excellent tree days in my trip".

Ignas (Lithuania): "a rational, organized, trustworthy fellow with an ability to tell stories from the past in the way that you get to almost experience them, haha!"

Laua (Palermo, Italy): “We spent an evening talking about our way of travel, as a metaphor of life ...There are things in life that cannot be explained with word, the encounter with Giuseppe was for me one of these. Open minded and highly charged, capable of charging the souls off. Thank you for the energy that you have given me in a few seconds”.

Ramon H (Israel) “Guiseppe is a decended angel. He just doesn't know it yet. 
May you be blessed with peace, fulfillment, and revelation. Thank you for everything”.

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