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Welcome to your What to do in Sicily website

Dreams & expectations fill our lives, and after a lot of questioning I have decided to shuffle my cards in life, quit my job and travel and feel the happiness, which can only come through dreaming!


My name is Giuseppe, I am a real traveller.                 

Hundreds of pages exist online about visiting Sicily, but, as a fellow traveller I have put myself in the tourist's shoes and working on creating a useful guide for you.

Consider this website an enjoyable guidance for tolerant people, under the spectrum of knowledge, the beauty, the people and its multicolor diversity, new travellers,new friends,open to some casual connection, in few words,  "my serendipitous dolce vita Siciliana".

My previous experience as a moderator of Couchsurfing group of Catania  has allowed me to travel from person to person, and discover the peculiarity of each place I have visited.  

 I like to share my personal experiences and adventures with others so that hopefully they can glean you something inspiring or useful from them.

 I have a passion for learning new things.  In fact, it is pretty much a guarantee that my guests will spend the first night out with me getting situated with their surroundings and learning about their local culture. 

With me you will learn  an experience, Sicilian cultural tourism, the lifestyle of Sicilian people, the history of my people, our art, architecture, traditions and festival rituals. 


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